You can typically begin harvesting your straw somewhere between age 7-12.  Many factors come into play such as ground quality, moisture content, nutrients, tree survival, competition, etc.  It is very important to keep any competition under control but most important are hardwoods.  Hardwoods can make or break a good stand of pines that you intend to harvest the straw.  Some pinestraw buyers take care of your undergrowth once they begin harvesting your straw.  


In the Southeast, most pinestraw buyers purchase slash or longleaf pine needles.  Longleaf typically brings a premium when compared to slash pine needles.  There are typically 2 ways to sell your straw, by the bale or by the acre.  


If you trade by the bale, the harvester will pay you as he harvests the straw.  If you decide to trade by the acre, the harvester will pay you in advance.  

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