Lump Sum – Timber buyer writes you a check up front for all your timber.  You provide access to the property so they can remove the timber.  A standard contract will be one year.  The buyer has one year to remove the timber.


Per Ton – You agree on per ton prices per product for your timber.  A standard contract is one year and you provide access for the buyer to harvest the timber.  Each ticket will have a mill and product on it with a gross (total weight of truck, trailer and timber), tare (weight of just truck and trailer) and net weight (the difference in the gross and tare weight).  The truck enters the mill loaded and gets weighed fully loaded.  After the timber is removed from the trailer the truck and trailer are weighed empty as it exits the mill.  You are paid on the net weight.  Payments will be received once the timber is cut.  There is a 2 to 4 week wait time on payments, this allows the buyer to get paid from the mills and reconcile tickets.  


Per Ton Composite – You agree on a single per ton price for all your timber.  You typically will agree on a composite base on species (pine, hardwood, cypress, etc.).  A standard contract is one year and you will provide access for buyer to harvest the timber.  You do not have to worry if the different products are sorted correctly with a composite because you will be paid one price for all products.  This is a good way to sell your timber if you have any reservations on your wood being merchandised correctly.  You are paid by the net weight of each ticket.


*Note – On both the per ton and per ton composite you can request an advance but buyers typically do not advance more than 50% of the value.

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