Genesis Timber’s strategic plan emphasizes community engagement as an integral part of its vision, mission, and core values. At Genesis Timber, we support initiatives that enable selected individuals to achieve success through academic scholarships; enrich social and cultural conditions of our citizens; and enhance diverse programs and organizations that improve the vibrant life of our communities.

In essence, we invest in wide-range community projects that improve the lives of people who are touched by our financial gifts. We believe Genesis Timber is uniquely positioned to help transform communities for the common good.

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On Friday, May 1, 2015, several members of the homeschool group from Madison County, REACH, took a field trip to the woods operation of Gray Logging, LLC. The students, along with their parents, met at Gray Logging’s shop and business headquarters. The students were divided into two groups, and then the excitement and fun began. One group went with Todd Witt, local forester with Genesis Timber, LLC. He discussed various tree species, determining the age of a tree, and the renewability and sustainability of the forest. Another group was under the direction of Joshua Light, Logging Operations and Tract Manager for Genesis Timber. He discussed the job of each piece of equipment used in the woods operation, and each student was able to see and touch the equipment. Jerry Gray presented each student with a longleaf pine seedling to be planted at their homes. The seedlings were donated by Superior Trees of Lee, Florida. Special thanks to the landowner, Mitchell L. McElroy, for allowing this field trip to take place on his property.




The week of March 7th, 2016, Genesis Timber proudly partnered with M.A. Rigoni, of Perry, Florida, and Combat Marine Outdoors to provide eight wounded warriors with an outdoor experience that they will never forget. The eight warriors came from the four major branches of the United States Armed Forces: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. The warriors were allowed to bring one family member for this amazing experience. Six of them brought their children, and one brought his father. During this week, the warriors and their families went hog hunting, fishing, and shot sport clays. They were also given a behind-the-scenes tour of the logging industry with a trip to a logging site and a mill tour. Saturday morning, one of the youth went on a turkey hunt on the property belonging to Matt Webb, President of Genesis Timber. God bless America and our military!




GENESIS TIMBER is committed to improving all aspects of life in Madison and the surrounding area. The company sees the best way to enhance their community is by supporting the youth of the area. Beginning in 2015, GENESIS TIMBER has been a team sponsor with the Madison County Little League, INC.


GENESIS TIMBER has also been an ongoing supporter of Madison County High School Fellowship of Christians Athletes, the MCHS Athletic Booster Club, and Project Graduation.


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