"The beginning of Boyles Tree Farm dates back to 1942. Since 1997, Genesis Timber and it's predecessor have been the sole timber brokers for all of our sales, 14 harvests and thinnings. Their advice is impeccable. We heartily endorse Genesis and recommend them to all of our fellow landowners." -Joe Boyles, Boyles Tree Farm

"As a family we decided to cut our planted pines one stand at a time. Each time we had several loggers bid, and each time we decided to go with Genesis Timber. The price was always competitive, but our final decision came down to performance and trust. They always did exactly what they said they would do. The stump height was close to the dirt, the roads repaired, and the site was left clean. We will use Genesis Timber in the future." -Steve McHargue, McHargue family trustee

"We know that fiber supplied to our mill by Genesis has been harvested in a professional manner, is hauled on a fleet of legal and safe trucks, by professional drivers. Genesis is the business model that all forest operations need to design themselves after. Genesis is the perfect blend of several generations of loggers and foresters who know how to operate safely, efficiently, and professionally in the woods; while also having the business knowledge to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. The most important quality that I admire about Genesis is the ongoing relationship we have with the people. When a representative of Genesis makes a commitment, you can depend on their word. Genesis does business the old-fashioned way, their word or their handshake is their agreement that the job will get done! We are proud of our relationship with Genesis and look forward to many more years of continued business and growth with Genesis Timber."  -Devin Corbitt, PCA Manager, Timber & Forestry

"...The family at Genesis Timber gives back to the communities they serve. For years they have been faithful supporters of the North Florida Fellowship of Christian Athletes...I can personally attest to their commitment to the youth of North Florida!" -Steve McHargue, FCA Area Representative

"I have had contracts with and timber harvested by several different loggers, and I have seen many logging operations as part of my work, but my experience with your company has been so exceptional..The stumps were cut at ground level, and there will be only a minimal amount of raking needed to prepare the site for re-planting...I found you and all your employees to be very courteous and professional. Thank you for being willing to be flexible and make changes as needed as the logging operations progressed. Where there were not enough trees marked, your cutter operator had an excellent eye in selecting additional trees for thinning...I had the feeling with you that you were treating my land as if it were your won..." -Bernard Smith, Landowner and Past County Agent

"...I want to thank Genesis's owner Matt Webb and Jerry Gray for all their past support through sound forestry practices in such areas as timber sales, timber harvest and reforestation efforts! Trustworthy and honesty have always been both their foundations even before becoming co-owners of Genesis. Jerry's years of logging with his father and Matt's grandfather and father's past timber dealership built their broad knowledge of timber markets, harvesting and forest management." -Mitchell L. McElroy, Registered Forester

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