Genesis Timber is owned by Matt Webb, formerly of Greenville Timber Corporation, and Jerry Gray, owner and operator of Gray Logging, LLC. Matt and Jerry have over 50 years of experience in the timber industry. Along with his management skills, Matt brings to the company his honesty and likable personality that enables him to easily meet the public and landowners. Jerry, an adept manager as well, contributes his valuable knowledge and experience as a logger, making the decision-making process for Genesis Timber a well-rounded one. With these two men at the helm, Genesis Timber has the knowledge, experience and expertise to best serve landowners with the most competitive prices and quality logging practices in the area.

Genesis Timber has a legacy of operating with integrity while striving for customer satisfaction. As a goal-oriented organization, it will continually strive to lead the timber industry with innovative ideas and cutting-edge methods as a responsible member of the business community.

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Provide our customers with open communication, honesty in all business transactions, and achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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We believe GENESIS TIMBER is uniquely positioned to help transform communities for the common good.

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