Timber Management

During timber management, individualized plans are prepared for a land owner with detailed advice and instructions to optimize timber growth and land use.

Timber Cruising

During timber cruising, our technicians prepare an estimation of the value of a stand of timber by using a specified statistical sampling formula. The timber value can be used for submitting bids to purchase a tract of timber or for professional appraisal uses.


During thinning, timber is cut and removed from a tract of planted pine according to a prescribed formula, giving the remaining trees opportunity to optimize growth and financial gain. Thinning possibilities range from a 7th row thin to a real estate, or plantation cut.

Select Plantation Cut

During select plantation cut, a type of cut is usually done on timber tracts of natural growth. The trees to be removed are marked with paint so that only those trees are cut. This affords the remaining trees the best advantage for optimum growth.

Clear Cutting

During clear cutting, all merchantable timber is cut and removed from a tract. Tree types to be removed can be specified, such as all pine, while leaving all hardwoods untouched.

Production Oversight

Even before a logging crew moves equipment onto a tract of timber to begin cutting down trees, the GENESIS team discusses the terms of the contract to be honored-mill specifications, property boundaries, type of cut (type of thinning or clear cut), and the logging crew best suited to do the job. Soon after cutting of the trees begins, the logging process is closely monitored to ensure that the provisions of the contract are followed as prescribed.

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